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Say goodbye to pain.
Say hello to a new you.

Affordable osteopathy to get you moving again
Osteopath And Patient Discussing

Say goodbye to pain.
Say hello to a new you.

Affordable osteopathy to get you moving again

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is recommended by the NHS as a safe and effective treatment for neck and back pain. It’s a way of gently moving, stretching and massaging your joints and muscles to find, treat and prevent the problems that are causing you pain. But rather than just focus on one area, we look at every part of your body to bring it all back into balance.Our goal at Lucy Smith Osteopathy is to improve your health for the long term, not just provide a quick fix until the next time you seize up. We believe that no one should have to put up with pain. So, if you’re struggling with simple things that most of us take for granted, like being able to bend down and tie your shoelaces, lift your toddler, or look over your shoulder to reverse your car, then we can help you.
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Lucy Smith, Bristol Osteopath Stretching And Massaging A Patient's Muscles And Joints - Osteopathy Techniques

Constant pain is now a thing of the past

“I highly recommend Lucy Smith Osteopathy. Lucy has a knack for finding the root of issues and tailoring her treatment to the individual for best results. I initially sought out osteopathy for a shoulder injury and chronic headaches; through planned sessions over the duration of a few months Lucy has managed to cure both, having a profound impact on my quality of life. In addition to Lucy’s fantastic medical knowledge and skills, I find her highly personable, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions!”

Lucy Smith osteopath with patient

What does osteopathy cost?

Each treatment session costs £52 and lasts for 30 minutes. That gives us enough time to listen to your concerns, start to understand the root cause of your symptoms and then get to work on making you feel better with some hands-on treatment.

We work from the Practice Rooms in the heart of Westbury-on-Trym, which has good transport links and easy parking. And to make life easy, you can book your session online for a time and day that suits you best.

Know someone who would benefit from a session, why not surprise them with one of our gift vouchers?

Lucy Smith, Bristol Osteopath

I can do sports again!

“I’m a keen cyclist and runner. I’d been struggling with a knee injury for a while and physio-directed therapy wasn’t really helping. During the consultation Lucy listened to my story and showed me some exercises that are really helping. She provided an exercise sheet and some videos to take away with me. I feel much more positive and hopeful about recovery now. Thank you!”

Not sure if osteopathy is what you need? Visit our FAQ page or get in touch.

Photo of Lucy Smith, osteopath in Bristol

You’re in safe hands

Lucy has provided expert care and advice for patients in the Bristol area since 2007.

She’s passionate about the benefits that osteopathy can bring. And her patients will testify to that – from office workers, athletes, performers, construction workers, pregnant mums, and elderly people getting back on their feet after surgery or a fall.

Treatment with Lucy is informal and explanatory.  Lucy will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable with her pragmatic and encouraging approach.

Don’t put up with pain

If you’re ready to get back to a better you, get started today. It’s quick and easy to book online. Or if you still have questions about osteopathy and if it’s right for you, why not give us a call for a chat?

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